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Daily Bulletin/School Telephones/Visitors

The Daily Bulletin
This important bulletin is read at the beginning of third period every day. The daily bulletin carries important information on pep rallies, games, clubs, assemblies, scholarships, job information, and other general information useful to students. Students who wish to have an announcement published in the bulletin should obtain the proper form in the front office, write the announcement, have the form approved by an administrator, and return the form to Cajon’s receptionist. The deadline to submit a bulletin announcement form is 12:00 p.m. of the day before the announcement is to appear in the bulletin. The bulletin is also posted on the outside window of the Attendance Office.

School telephones are for conducting school business. Students are not allowed to make phone calls or to receive phone calls on school phones. However, in an emergency, a vice principal may give permission to use a school phone. Phone calls to make transportation arrangements are not emergency phone calls. Teachers will not give students passes to use a phone unless notified by a vice principal.

School policy is to allow only those adult visitors who have legitimate business to visit the school. Visitors and guests must register in the administration office immediately after entering the campus. A “Visitor Badge” will be issued for the visitor to wear during his/her time on campus. Parents are always welcome to visit. We do ask, however, that all parents register in the front office when they enter. It is usually best to call ahead for an appointment with the administrator, teacher, or counselor with whom you want to meet. Students are not permitted to have visitors or bring younger children or babies onto campus at any time during the school day. Visitors who are not authorized are considered to be loitering and are in violation of Penal Code 653g. “Loiter” means to delay, to linger or to idle about any school without lawful business for being present.

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