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Workshop 6: Good Sports
Workshop 6 Links
Comprehension / Vocabulary Support
1. How to Learn About Marbles
2. Video of the Marble Championships
3.The Basics of Agates
4. Spelling City: Vocabulary Practice
    (Find a List, Kosman, Workshop 6, Games: Match It, Which Word?, and Unscramble)

Reading Strategy: Problem & Solution
1. BrainPop Jr: Plot (lankershim brainpop)
2. BrainPop Jr: Setting (lankershim brainpop)
3. BrainPop Jr: Character (lankershim brainpop)
4.Reading Strategies Practice
    (Story Elements: Allie's Basketball Dream, Elena, and My Name is Maria Isabelle)
    (Main Idea: Did I Read It or Not?)
       (Author's Purpose: A Very Important Day, Activity, and Online Quiz)

Word Analysis & Grammar Practice
1. Multiple Meaning Words
2. Possessive Pronouns Millionaire Game
3. Possessives with Apostrophes

Workshop Project:

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