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MYP Geometry – Grade 9

Course Description

The geometry skills and concepts developed in this discipline are useful to all students. Aside from learning these skills and concepts, students will develop their ability to construct formal, logical arguments and proofs in geometric settings and problems. Students will learn to use problem solving strategies; investigate perimeter and area of polygons; construct simple proofs; investigate congruence and similarity; trigonometry; probability; and develop formulas for volume and surface area of pyramids, cylinders and cones.

MYP Course Aims

The aims for MYP mathematics are to enable students to: develop a positive attitude toward the continued learning of mathematics appreciate the usefulness, power and beauty of mathematics, and recognize its relationship with other disciplines and with everyday life; appreciate the international dimensions of mathematics and its varied cultural and historical perspectives gain knowledge and develop understanding of mathematical concepts; develop mathematical skills and apply them; develop the ability to communicate mathematics with appropriate symbols and language develop the ability to reflect upon and evaluate the significance of their work and the work of others; develop patience and persistence when solving problems; develop and apply information and communication technology skills in the study of mathematics.

MYP Algebra 2 – Grade 10

Course Description

This discipline complements and expands the mathematical content and concepts of Algebra 1 and Geometry. Students who master Algebra 2 will gain experience with algebraic solutions of problems in various content areas, including the solution of systems of quadratic equations, logarithmic and exponential functions, the binomial theorem, and the complex number system.. For each concept students will be given homework, class work, quiz and a test. There will be four projects given in this course.

In the first semester, students will be introduced to new concepts such as foundations for functions, linear functions, linear systems, quadratic functions and polynomial functions. There will be two projects given during first semester. The first project will be given after the concept of linear systems. Students will demonstrate their knowledge learned about linear functions and systems to connect Algebra 2 and Art. The second project will be given after the concepts of quadratic functions. Students will connect Science with Algebra 2 to demonstrate it real-life application.

In the second semester, students will be introduced to new concepts such as exponential and logarithmic functions, rational and radical functions, conic sections, sequences and series, probabilities and statistics, and trigonometric functions. There will be two projects given this semester. The first project will be given during the concept of conics. Students will have an opportunity to connect architecture, graphic design and art with conics. The second project given will be at the end of the year. Students will reflect on the course and demonstrate their knowledge learned throughout the year.

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