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Belvedere English Learner Advisory Committee (B.E.L.A.C)

B.E.L.A.C Members



Ann Pearson


Yesenia Marroquin

Program Coordinator

Erika Guerrero


Yesenia Vega


Marisa Jimenez


Martha Flores


Evelyn Garcia


Belvedere English Learner Advisory Committe (BELAC)

Every California K-12 public school serving 21 or more English learners must have an English Learner Advisory Committee. The ELAC, as it is commonly known, advises the School Site Council and school principal on matters that affect English language learners. The ELAC is comprised of parents, the school principal, and staff, all of whom meet monthly. All Districts ELACs strive to keep English learner parents informed about issues related to their children's education so that parents can better advocate for them. Because the U.S. educational system may be foreign to the parents of English learners, the committee also educates parents about the school system. 

B.E.L.A.C meetings focus on a variety of topics such as:

  • programs the school is using to boost the academic achievement of English Learners 
  • understanding the school report card and the meaning of standardized test scores from exams like the California Standards Tests and the California English Language Development Test (CELDT)
  • helping children with homework and overall parental involvement
  • school academic goals
  • school budget challenges




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