San Bernardino City Unified School District
San Bernardino City Unified School District
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School Site Council

The School Site Council is responsible for:

  • Providing input and ensuring the Leadership Team develops the Instructional Improvement Plan (IIP)
  • Reviewing annually and updating/modifying the school plan/budget to reflect changing needs and priorities as they arise with the Leadership Team
  • Developing School Based budget that supports the strategies in the IIP with the Leadership Team
  • Approving IIP and budget
  • Becoming involved in carrying out various activities stated in the Plan
  • Assisting in determining if the planned program is working by using the district system to monitor activities
  • Reviewing with the principal, teachers, other staff, parents, and students about how effectively the school’s program is being carried out
  • Using SSC as a means of sampling community needs, obtaining advice, and improving public understanding of education
  • Using SSC as a method of directly involving parents, teachers, and students in discussions about their school
  • Using SSC members to make recommendations to the principal
  • Encouraging parents to become part of the SSC

Comité del Plantel Escolar (SSC)

El Comité del Plantel Escolar, mejor conocido como el SSC, es un grupo de maestros, padres y empleados del personal clasificado que trabaja con la directora para desarrollar, revisar y evaluar los programas y presupuestos escolares. Los integrantes del Comité del Plantel Escolar son elegidos por sus pares. Si está interesado en los reglamentos o presupuestos escolares, quizá disfrute de servir en el comité de su escuela.


School Site Council Meeting Dates/Cuando se reunen
Dates to be determined

Las fechas se determinarán

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