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Content Focus
 Welcome to 7th Grade English-Language Arts!  
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 This particular class emphasizes and integrates all areas of the Language Arts based on the California Content Standards. An instructional priority in the seventh grade is a
Class Photo.JPGn increased focus on advanced forms of evaluation in expository critique and literary criticism. Therefore, two areas that are highly focused on this year are the 7th Grade Writing Exam (March) and the California Standardized Test (April). In this class, reading, writing and oral communication processes are experienced as interrelated and interactive processes. Students develop their ability to use language for communication, learning and reflection.

                                                        Unit 1: Plot
                    August 12th-September 13th (2012)

Reading Standard 3.2 Identify events that advance the plot.

Reading Standard 3.3 Analyze characterization through the thoughts, words, speech, actions and descriptions of characters/narrators.

Writing  2.1

Writing Fictional or Autobiographical Narratives

In this unit of study, students will employ the reading strategy of "UNRAVEL" and Talking-To-Text

U-nderline the title
N-ow write a prediction
R- ead the questions
A- re important words in the question circled?
V- enture through the passage (talk-to-text)
liminate wrong answers
ook back into the passage for answers

Selections We Will Be Reading In This Unit:
"Papa's Parrot"
"Treasure of Lemon Brown"

   *Talking-to-the-Text Strategy

               This strategy assists students with comprehension while reading various types of text, and allows them to make their own connections to what they are reading. Concepts, facts, and main ideas can be highlighted, circled and unknown vocabulary can be noted as well. The most important thing is that students interact with the text, and jot down their thinking onto paper. 







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