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Arroyo Valley High School JROTC History & Cadre

Arroyo Valley JROTC first began operation in September 2001.  The program initially opened with an enrollment of 80 cadets; and today averages an opening enrollment of 235 cadets.

The Hawk Battalion is recognized as an “Honor Unit with Distinction” and has held that distinction since January 2006.  As an Honor Unit with Distinction, Arroyo Valley High School’s JROTC program is within the top ten  percent of the Army JROTC programs nationwide. 

Our program is a very active part of our community here in San Bernardino. 

Senior Army Instructor:   Major Williams:     (909) 381-4295       
Army Instructor:  First Sergeant DeLong:      (909) 381-4295   :

Hawk Battalion Cadet Staff

Battalion Commander: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel:  Allyssa Gallardo

Executive Officer:  Cadet Major (vacant)

Command Sergeant Major:  Cadet CSM Daniel Alferez

S-1: Administration:  Cadet  Corporal Josue Aovarado

S-2: Security:  Cadet Sergeant Breana Tzi-Hernandez

S-3: Training:  Cadet Corporal Jasmine Arzate

S-4: Supply & Logistics:  Cadet Corporal Jennifer Guillen

S-5: Public Affairs/Information Officer:  Cadet Corporal Angel Gil-Onken

JROTC Mission Statement

“To Motivate Young People To Be Better Citizens”

It’s more than a regular class.

While JROTC is given during regular high school hours, it is not taught like a regular class.  Sure, you’ll learn the basics – history, government, technology awareness, and current events – but every lesson is geared toward building leadership and personal skills.  You’ll understand how to motivate others, while strengthening your own ability to study, take tests, and interview for jobs.  Real skills you can use.  Furthermore, extracurricular activities like drill team and color guard deepen your self-respect and confidence.  And should you attend JROTC Cadet Leadership Camp, you’ll train on confidence courses, play team sports, and learn land navigation and water safety techniques.  As a JROTC cadet you are under NO obligation to join the military.  Nor do we promote the military lifestyle.  JROTC simply utilizes proven military skills to help you develop and improve your self-discipline, confidence and pride in ways not usually offered in school.

It can’t fit in a textbook.

     JCLC at Camp Fort Irwin, California                                            JCLC at Camp Fort Irwin, California
JCLC picture 1.JPG                     JCLC picture 2.JPG

 It builds confidence and character.

Character. Confidence. Leadership.  That’s Army JROTC training.  And while nothing worthwhile is ever easy, uncovering the leadership qualities and personal skills already living within you pays off big time.  Both in the present – and in the future.  JROTC helps you discover the quiet confidence and inner strength that make goals reality.

JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge

The Hawk Battalion will go to two leadership camps a year. 
Last school year 40 cadets from the Hawk Battalion traveled to Idyllwild, California where they took part in winter survival training.  Also, in the Spring the Battalion will get with other JROTC programs in the Southern California are and travel to Camp San Luis Obispo, California.  While at these leadership courses the cadets will learn to lead a group of other fellow cadets through different group activities and tasks.  They will also participate in several outdoor activities which include but aren’t limited to rappelling; water safety; leadership reactionary courses and land navigation just to name a few.  The purpose of the course is to instill teamwork and discipline within our youth.  

Teamwork.jpg                          Water.jpg

Cadets engaged in a teamwork activity conquering the                                 Cadets participating in Water safety training
                           “Horizontal Ladder”

“Train to Lead….We Motivate”

Color Guard Competition  (SY 07-08)                                            Members of the Female Color Guard Team
                                                                                                              “Friendships Made Last Forever”

Colorguard.jpg                        Female Colorguard.jpg


It’s like playing on a winning team. 

 Team work.  That’s the feeling in JROTC.  All our cadets working together toward the same goals.  A friendly push when you need it – a pat on the back when you deserve it.  Then returning the favor.  Because when one team member succeeds, the whole team does.  It’s a different kind of peer pressure.

Drill Meets

A great way to see how our cadets compare to other programs is by participating in drill meets against other JROTC programs within southern California.  These meets normally include some 500 plus cadets from about 40 different southern California schools.  The camaraderie displayed by all cadets during these meets is a wonderful thing to see.  Not only will you see your own schools’ cadets motivating each other, but the other schools will join in like one big team motivating and cheering on other schools and competitors.

“Train to Lead….We Motivate”

Annual JROTC Military Ball

The JROTC program is not all classroom and competitions.  Annually a committee of cadets from the Hawk Battalion and other local JROTC programs will get together to plan, organize and take part in a formal event called the “Military Ball”.  The Military Ball is very similar to a high school prom.  There is dancing, dinner; normally an inspirational message from a guest speaker and then the Royal Court for each of the Battalions is announced.  The event is a time for our cadets to relax and enjoy themselves, and have a good time with fellow cadets.

Military ball4.jpg    

School / Community Support

Cadets in the program become more interested in their school and their community, and in turn, are better equipped to successfully meet the challenges of today’s world.  Some of the activities our cadets support the school and community in are:  color guards, drill teams, courtesy patrols, flag detail and disaster teams.  Our cadets have an untiring desire to support.



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