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Microsoft Office Suite2010

Welcome to Microsoft® Office 2010 provides a survey of Office 2010 applications. Students get an introduction to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. The book begins with four Word lessons, which cover such topics as the Ribbon, navigation techniques, AutoComplete, tables, editing text, AutoCorrect, character formatting, special text effects, and more. In the two Excel lessons, students enter and edit data, construct simple formulas, and depict data using column and pie charts. PowerPoint topics include creating a new presentation, working with layouts and design themes, creating animations and transitions, and more. And finally, in the Access lesson students will explore the Access application window, create a new database, and print datasheets.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  •  Identify key parts of the Word 2010 interface
  •  Use Word’s Help feature
  •  Work with line and paragraph spacing
  •  Type an envelope
  •  Work with Undo, Redo, and AutoCorrect
  •  Automatically find and replace text in a document
  •  Change paragraph alignment
  •  Insert and format clip art images
  •  Identify important parts of the Excel window
  •  Insert, delete, and resize columns and rows
  •  Work with Excel’s mathematical operators
  •  Create charts to visualize your data
  •  Identify key parts of the PowerPoint window
  •  Work with design themes and slide layouts
  •  Launch Access 2010 and identify elements of the application window
  •  Create a new blank database and database table
  •  Much, much more!


Required Lessons

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Last Updated October 11, 2012

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