San Bernardino City Unified School District
San Bernardino City Unified School District
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Teacher                                       Grade                                                               Email

Bruce Bean

9th, 11th

Gina Cimarrusti

10th Puente, Teaching Academy

Nalda Donnelly

12th, Senior advisor

Franci Donner

9th, 10th, Core Academy

Brandy Elliott

12th, AVID, ASB advisor

Judith Lopez


Ann Le

A-Plus, all grades

Lillie Motley

10th, 12th, SAT prep

Brian Mudd

9th H, 12th IB, Theory of Knowledge

Morgan Pellettera

11th, 12th, Teaching Academy

Ashley Quinn


Erik Sanchez

11th IB, 9th Puente

Gina Guerrero

All grades, ELD

Viridiana Mora

All grades, ELD

Victor Rivera

9th, CAHSEE prep

Audra Clark

11th, 12th

William Buck

9th, 11th

Dorothy Green

10th H, 12th AP

*Emily Ratica

10th, 11th AP, 12th AP, Extended Essay

*Department chair
AVID – Advancement Via Individual Determination
ASB – Associated Student Body
IB – International Bachelorette
ELD – English Language Development
CAHSEE – California High School Exit Exam

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