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Cajon Mathematics Department

Mathematics is a subject that progresses linearly.  Our math courses start with Algebra or Geometry and progress up through calculus.  Check the math courses section for a flow chart that explains the progression and description of each course.

Math Teachers
A List of Cajon's
Math Teachers and their information.

Math Courses

Course Flow chart and information.


The Mathematics curriculum is designed to benefit all students with a challenging and relevant standards-based program that will prepare them for college or a career. The program encompasses a complete college preparatory sequence of classes with all students expected to complete Algebra and Geometry. Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus and Calculus, along with advanced classes available at nearby colleges, provide opportunities for the highly motivated or gifted student. The ultimate goal is to provide each student with the best mathematics education possible.



Possible Career Objectives for the Student with Mathematics Training

Accountant  Architect Astronomer
Engineer Mathematician Teacher
Systems Analyst Mathematics Teacher Scientist
Physicist Statistician Computer Scientist
Research Worker Computer Programmer
Pre-Medicine Management/Social Worker  


High School Grad. Req: 

3 yrs. (30 units) required for all students.    

CSU/UC Requirements:   

A minimum of Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 required for university entrance.

         *4 yrs. recommended.


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