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Fourth Grade

Welcome to fourth grade!

The fourth grade standards show a change from learning how to read to reading and understanding subject matter content, such as history and science.  This change requires students to be fluent and automatic readers by the end of third grade so they come to fourth grade prepared.  Students should also be reading at home to continue the practice.

It is also important for students entering fourth grade to practice and work on their understanding of place value.  They know from memory simple addition, subtraction, multiplication,and division facts.  Students estimate, measure, and describe objects with length, width, and volume.  They work with pre-algebra concepts by using patterns to solve problems.  They work on simple probability experiments.

Learning is a continuous process that involves the home as well as the school.  Children need to see the relationship between the classroom learning experience and their lives out of school.  Children benefit from the knowledge that parents are interested in ans supportive of their  educational process.

The fourth grade team looks forward to meeting and working with you this school year.  Look for more information to come about our fun fourth grade vocabulary bees and other interesting activities.