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First Grade
First Grade Objectives
First grade students will learn skills that help them to
read and write more independently. They will be able to write, spell and
understand that words are used to communicate ideas and experiences. 
Students will read fluently and demonstrate comprehension of what
they have read.  Students will understand and use the place value number system.
They will add and subtract small numbers with ease.  They will use
information to help solve simple problem situations.

Parent involvement is very important for children. Learning is a continuous
process that involves the home as well as the school. Children need to see the
relationship between the classroom learning experience and their lives out of
school. Children benefit from the knowledge that parents are interested in and
supportive of their educational progress. The following are general guidelines
for parental involvement in children's education:

Keep informed of your child's progress.
Help your child develop good study habits.
Develop attitudes that encourage learning.

Read with your child for at least 20 minutes every day. Numerous
studies have shown that spending time reading with your children will help
them become more successful in school, help them improve their speaking
skills, help them learn to focus, and stimulate their imagination.

Schools and parents working together create the maximum opportunity for
student success!