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Awunganyi's Success Tips
  Math symbolsSuggestions for Doing Well and Mastering the Materials in Mathematics

1. Take complete and careful notes and label each objective clearly.

 2. Pay attention and do no get distracted during the teacher’s explanation. This includes talking to a fellow classmate, working on an assignment – even another mathematics assignment. During guided practice, show all the steps and asked questions on those parts you do not understand. Make sure you do your independent practice as soon as it is given to you.

3. Keep all of your notes and formulas till the end of the semester. Learn how and when to use any formulas.

 4.   During group work, you should help everyone who asks for help but do not do the work for them. You should also ask for help only after you have tried to work out the problem yourself. Remember everyone helps.

 5. Show all your work, write out all your steps and when in doubt, let the teacher look over your work.

 6. If you do not understand an assignment, or which formula to use, ask me. Do not, out of desperation, pick an answer without thinking through or ask someone to give you the answer on a problem that you do not fully understand how to set it up.

 7. Parents are encouraged to check your child daily assignment.  Practices and exercise, are given everyday.


  • Everyone is to be treated with respect at all times.
  • Math must be done in pencil to receive credit.
  • You must show work on math homework and tests to receive credit. No work=no credit.
  • You will take responsibility for your learning by completing homework assignments on time, by being an active listener and an active participant in the classroom, and by asking for help when you need it.
  • Be prompt, be prepared, be responsible, respectful, and be safe.

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