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Mr. Pirolo's Grading Policies
Periodic Chart

Mr. Pirolo
High School Chemistry Honors
Middle College High School

Course Grading:
Tests (closed note, 2 or 3 per quarter) ˜50%
Assignments: Classwork/Homework     ˜35%
Daily Quizzes                                                    ˜15%
Course Grade                                                    100%
Percentages above are approximate.

Grading Scale:
90% to 100 % = A
80% to 89% = B
70% to 79% = C
60% to 69% = D
<60% = F

Your grade will be based entirely on a straight points system. Major unit/chapter tests are worth 200 points, homework assignments are usually worth 10 points each.

Late Work Policy:
Late work will be accepted for half credit. Must be turned in within one week of original due date. If the assignment is late due to an excused absence, you may earn full credit, but you must remember to write an explanation in bold at the very top of your paper, and you must write the date(s) that you were absent.

Suggestions for Success in this class:

Do each assignment on time, and if you are stuck, get help immediately from Mr. Pirolo during morning office hours or AVID period, or from a classmate. Problems on most assignments are just like the ones on the tests, so you need to learn how to do them, don’t put it off until right before the test!

At the bell, we start a quick review of what will be on the daily quiz that’s coming up. Get here on time for class each day so you will not miss the review for the daily quiz. Pay attention during the quick review and ask questions if you don’t get it.

Be here every day if at all possible. You can miss a lot in this class in just one day.

Office Hours:
My office hours are from 8:00 to 10:50 every morning except Tuesdays.
I will help you find a chemistry study group, if you ask.

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