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GED Test Information

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The General Educational Development Test measures the essential academic skills and concepts of a traditional high school education. Even though you may not have finished high school, you have probably gained knowledge and skills through experience. The GED test measures these skills and passing scores certify your equivalency.

Test Registration

  • Register and pay for the test by going to 
  • The fee for the entire test is $140.00.  Testers can pay the entire amount or pay $35.00 for each individual module (there are four modules total).


The GED Test 


  • There are four modules on the GED test: 
    • Reasoning through Language Arts (155 minutes) - three sections
      • Section One (35 minutes) tests all content
      • Section Two (45 minutes) is the Extended Response portion of the test
      • Student Break (10 minutes)
      • Section Three (60 minutes) tests all conten
    • Mathematical Reasoning (120 minutes) is one single section
      • Part One - first five questions - calculator not allowed
      • Part Two - remaining 41 questions - calculator allowed

    • Social Studies (95 minutes) - two sections
      • Section One - (65 minutes) tests all content
      • Section Two - (25 minutes) is the Extended Response portion of the test

    • Science (95 minutes) - one single section
      • There are two short answer questions included on this test, but they are not timed separately. Testers are expected to manage their time and spend about 10 minutes on each of the short answer questions.

  • Testers can take one module per day if they choose to do so, or they may take multiple modules in one day.

Passing Scores:


  • Testers must score at least 150 on each of the four subject area tests to pass (600 total).
    • Below passing: 100-149
    • Passing score:  150-169
    • Honors score:  170-200

On the day of the test:

  • Bring current, valid, government-issued photo identification on the testing date(s).  All other items must be secured in the locker provided.
  • Please come early enough on your testing date(s) to find student parking and report to the Counseling Center, Room 111.

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